Friday, November 27, 2009

Merry Christmas to me..!!

My husband and I went to the city on Monday and did most of our Christmas shopping and I got most of it done and even a bit of early Christmas to me :)..and one the things that I got and have wanted for some time now is a light box...The one I got awesome..great for storage..and only cost $99.00 I thought that was reasonable. This is it all opened up and ready to go..

These are the lights they are on both sides

Taking it apart

A place for the light outlets and bulbs

The second fold

A place for the back drop which is grey or blue and it comes with a little tri pod for the camera

And this is it all folded up and ready for storage...Isn't this cool :)


La'Diva said...

I like that! I want one of those!!!

Joycelyn Turner said...

WOW! Those are way more complicated than I thought!!! Lol!!! I'd have to set up a permanent station for that!!! Lol!! It does take nice photos though...very cool!!!