Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to Bloggin.....

Okay I know it has been along time since I have put any thing on my blog but with everything back in order I am hoping to have some craft and blog time :).. I was trying to prepare , get the house clean, yard work caught up, school supplies bought and so on before my knee surgery. We also got a new addtion to our family a few weeks ago .Her name is Ozzy. Having the challange of getting everything done and potty training has kept me from all my paper crafts, stamping, and scrapbooking. Well I have managed to do a few things and will post them over the next few days but glad time for me is coming up in abundance :) Happy to say that Kids are now in school...ozzy is potty trained ....and my surgery was a sucess so far. I have to exersise every two hours to keep my knee from ceasing up again but the cronic pain has seemed to dissappeared.

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