Friday, August 26, 2011


Hi Everybody... Wow I just want to say what great blog friends I have to be checking up on me and making sure I am ok..You are all too sweet.... Yes I am fine. Sorry for my absence... life is just in the way and seems to be not a single second left for me... The kids will be back in school on the 6th of September and hopefully I will have some more time :). I think I have everything ready for the big move on Sunday. Yes Breanna will be moving to University. I have checked and double checked all the boxes to be sure she will have everything she needs.. As for me well it is tough letting go . I have so many mixed emotions Happy for her, excited, sad, anxious and even a bit jealous!! But most of all I am such a PROUD MOM!! :)

Some good news is the last couple of days I have been a busy little bee in my craft space. Starting On Aug 31 the Sneak Peeks will begin for the My Time Made Easy Release... 

I have calender page for September. ( I missed last month)

And I am Guest Designing in September..I can't wait to work with these ladies:)

I thought I would share some pictures of my garden with you today:). It started off really slow because of all the rain and lack of heat this year but is finally coming around.
Artificial cabbage at the beginning of my rows for some extra color
We just planted our raspberry patch this year so it is a bit spars... enough to snack on but the jam will have to wait until next year.
Beans are ready to pick... carrots and beats will be another week or so:)
This is the first year for our strawberries as well.. they are so Red and SWEET!!.
Another View
Lots of peas!! And these babies are ready to be picked!!

Well that is it for me today... Thanks for stopping by :)...Monique


Dora said...

That is a lovely garden Monique, wow love it :)

Sherry said...

I can kill a cactus (not a green thumb in my house). Your garden is awesome and I'm so glad to see you back. Have totally missed your amazing projects.
God Bless

Crystal said...

Oh my word what a totally GORGEOUS garden and beautiful pics!!!

dolcreations said...

What a fantastic garden Monique! Beautiful pictures. All the best to your daughter heading off to University! You should be so proud!

Julie Hoffman said...

Your garden is Amazing Monique! I thought I was looking at one of my gluten free Google reader subscriptions!

I can only imagine how crazy this summer has been getting your baby ready for college! I'm tearing up just thinking about it ((HUGS))!!! Can't wait to see some more of your crafty projects!!!

Renkata said...

wow Monique, what a gorgeous garden do you have.

Debby said...

truly adorable. I love Fall also, mostly for the colors, but the crispness in the air as well.